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October 29, 2021

Increase security

Lately, we have been working on increasing the security of the platform in order to store all your data in a better and more secure way.

August 24, 2021

Keep your Twitter account balanced: Unfollow users you're following

You'll be able to define several parameters to unfollow some of your Twitter account following.

You can define to unfollow if they do not meet multiple criteria:

- The number of followers they have

- If they added a Profile picture

- if they have a website link set

- if their following/followers ratio is balanced

June 23, 2021

Auto-follow a specific Twitter account followers

Some of our hungry users have requested automation to follow the followers of a specific Twitter account.

It will be released in the coming weeks.

You'll be able to define several parameters to follow a specific Twitter account followers:

- Followers with a bio

- Followers with a profile picture

- Followers with more than X followers

- Followers with a link to a website

- Followers with an active timeline

- Followers with a good following/followers ratio

If we are missing something, feel free to tell us.

Coming Soon
June 23, 2021

Upload a list of Twitter users to follow or unfollow

Soon you will be able to upload CSV and auto-follow or auto-unfollow each Twitter user.

This feature will be available for the Standard plan & Pro with 200 rows limitation per CSV.

Note: We will play by the inner rules of Twitter

If your Twitter account has less than 200 followers we will follow/unfollow only 30 accounts per day in order to protect your account from the Twitter following limit.

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