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December 05, 2018

Multiple Display Names for Staff with One Account at Multiple Schools

Staff who use one MyConferenceTime staff account to log in to multiple schools can now have multiple "web display names." We released an update so that a staff member's web display name is unique for each school.

For example, if Mrs. Jones uses one account to log in to both Northwest Middle School and Northwest High School, Mr. Jones's web display name previously was the same at both schools. This caused a problem if the school included room numbers in staff web display names: most likely Mrs. Jones's middle school classroom was a different room number than Mrs. Jones's high school classroom number.

With our new update, Mrs. Jones can have two web display names - one for each school.

If Mrs. Jones teaches middle school math in Room 123, her web display name for the middle school can be:

Mrs. Jones - Middle School Math - Room 123

And if Mrs. Jones teaches algebra and geometry in Room 456 at the high school, her web display name for the high school can be:

Mrs. Jones - Algebra & Geometry - Room 456

Web display names can be edited by admins using the Staff Summary or by the staff member.

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