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March 23, 2020

Reserve a Time Slot During Registration Process

When a parent selects a time slot, MyConferenceTime immediately holds that time slot so that nobody else can claim the time slot while the parent completes registration.

With improvements that we introduced in January, 2020, a time slot is held for a defined amount of time when the parent selects it. The parent can complete registration without worrying that the time slot will be taken from them. This process can be compared to a shopping cart system: the item (in this case, the selected time slot) is in the shopping cart and is held for the customer (i.e., the parent) until checkout (registration) is complete.

In the past, time slots were given to the person who completed student registration most quickly. Now, a time slot is held only by one parent as soon as the time slot is selected (much earlier than completing registration) so that registration information can be entered and nobody else can take the time slot.

If the parent does not complete registration, the time slot is released so that others have the opportunity to select the time slot.

We are pleased to make this feature available to improve conference registrations.

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