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August 18, 2021

August Updates to Postaga!

Behind the scenes, we've been adding some new updates to Postaga. Here is a list of some of the new updates:

Search Filters

This much-requested feature now lets you better hone in on your target contacts.

You can now filter your search results by Domain Rating (so you only reach out to the highest-quality sites) and domain TLD (e.g. "no .gov websites").

Better Stats, Better Data, and Wins!

Postaga now provides statistics for Sequences. Instead of just having data for individual emails - open rates, reply rate, etc. now you can get that data across entire sequences to see how they perform.

Beyond that, the Campaigns page now lets you sort and filter your campaigns.

So, you can sort campaigns created by particular users, types of campaigns, and by status.

One other thing for the Campaigns area is that now Postaga has a "Wins" column. This connects directly to the Postaga CRM, so you can evaluate how successful your campaigns have been.

Level Up Bar

Now, there is a Level Up area in the sidebar to help you along your outreach journey, giving advice on what next steps you should take to help you get better results from your outreach campaigns.

Faster Campaign Loading

When you click the New Campaign button, your campaign will load up much faster than before.

Other Updates

And here are some other recent updates to Postaga to share:

  • UI/UX improvements to contacts, emails, posts, links, sequences lists
  • Ability to search emails sent for particular email address
  • Updates to gravatars
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April 02, 2021

A few UI improvements

We've made a few small updates to help you keep track of your work building campaigns!

First, sometimes, you may want to flag a link or a contact so that you can remember to write a custom email to that contact. Postaga now gives you the ability to star links or contacts to do just that!

It will then show these contacts first in the email preview.

Also, if you edit a link or a contact, it will get a blue outline to let you know that it has been edited.

Finally, we've changed our navigation shortcuts from numbers to icons:

These were all in response to user feedback :)

Have feedback or a feature request? Feel free to share!

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