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February 01, 2021

Use joined datasources formulas in a join

Until now, the formulas defined on joined datasources were not available within the join itself. You had to clone these formulas to reproduce them in the join. Because of these duplicates, it was painful to maintain large projects with many joins.

When the new option "include datasources formulas" is enabled (in a join datasource configuration), a formula created in a joined datasource is available in the join datasource. You can use it within new formulas, directly in your dashboards, or in your data-preparation steps.

This option is not enabled by default on existing joins as it might create name collisions between your existing formulas on the join and the joined datasources formulas.

January 25, 2021

Add buttons to your dashboards

You can now add buttons to your dashboard in a simple way. Buttons are a new type of widget. Each button can trigger either an automation or a full-datasource download.

If you trigger a Python script from a dashboard button, all the dashboard variables (including the new input fields) are passed to the script. With this option, you can create rich web applications.

January 25, 2021

Add input-field widgets

To filter a dashboard, you could only add a filter whose values were obtained from a datasource.

You can now add free input-fields. This lets the user enter any value within an input-field. The value is stored within a variable.

This variable can be used to filter your widgets. It is also available within the "compute formula" of your dashboards. For example, you can use this to tune a column's value according to a parameter entered by the user.

And last but not least, if you trigger a Python script from a dashboard, all the variables (included these new ones from input-fields) are not now passed to your Python script.

January 06, 2021

Lock-model option for storages

If the input data used to populate a storage is modified (e.g. the format of a CSV file column containing a date is modified), the types of this storage columns could be modified. And this could break your dashboards.

That's why we've added a new option in storages configuration : lock-model. When this option is enabled, any operation that drops a column or modifies the type of a column is refused. We advise you to activate this option in your production environment.

November 19, 2020

Show growth values in barcharts

In the rendering options of a barchart, it's now possible to activate the "show growth" option to display the evolution as a percentage between values. You can also decide to show both the value and its evolution (as a percentage).

October 12, 2020

New radar widget

You can now create radar widgets. You can use it to show a single item (for example, the analysis of a company along five dimensions). You can also use the split-by option to compare several items (for example, to compare several companies).

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