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November 30, 2021

Position/size of the selected widget

When you had to create several tabs/dashboards with an identical layout, it was sometimes painful to set the widgets at the same exact position/size.

There is now a new entry in the advanced options menu that shows the position and size of the selected widget. So you can check if two widgets have the same layout in different tabs.

November 30, 2021

Drag & Drop to edit chain-scripts

When you had a long list of scripts triggered by a chain-script, it was painful to reorder those scripts.

You can now do it with a simple drag & drop.

November 24, 2021

New Snippet's documentation

With snippets, you can create advanced dynamic HTML components. For example, you can create custom filters with images, custom KPI cards, filter a widget according to a metadata field of the logged user...

We have written a new documentation with several examples to explain how to use this advanced feature :


November 03, 2021

Show values as ratio of total in a bar chart

It is now possible to show percentages in a bar chart such as:

To achieve that, create a standard bar chart and enable the "Display as ratio of total" option in the Formatting options:

To finalize the chart, you need to specify in the Formatting options that you want the values to be shown as percentages and not as ratios (i.e. in [0,1]).

November 03, 2021

Unlink dynamic filters

So far, when you had several dynamic filters in the same widget, when the user selected one value in a filter, the other filters were updated automatically to only show possible values.

This is very useful when your filtering dimensions are hierarchical. For example, when you have one filter on the Category column, and a second one on the SubCategory column.

But when your dimensions were not linked (e.g. Category and Country), this behavior was useless.

There is now a new option to disable the refresh of the filters on the right of the filter used by the user :

If you disable the checkbox "Refresh filters on right after choice", when the user selects a Category, the Country filter won't be refreshed. It will keep displaying all the possible Countries.

November 03, 2021

New automation to concatenate datasources

You can now concatenate as many datasources as you want within a storage with a single automation. Input datasources must have the same schema (i.e. same column names and types). You can select any type of datasource in input (e.g. files, SQL, storages...). You can even mix several types.

There is an option to specify if you also want the datasources formulas to be included in the output storage.

One of the most obvious examples is the case where you receive one XLS file with data per quarter. You can create a "concatenate" automation to group all your rows within a single storage. And of course, this will appear in the Dataflow.

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