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September 15, 2021

Platform Release - September 15, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to generate Payroll Export Comparison Status report

2. Ability to set closing comments when completing a Payroll Export Comparison

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6508 - Fix status in Test Suite Summary page

2. ABS-5915 - Fix error when viewing Manual Tests in Test Plans

September 07, 2021

Platform Release - September 7, 2021

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6558 - Fix WFC test runs when they incorrectly show completed/failed.

August 31, 2021

Platform Release - August 31, 2021

New Features:

1. New Summary page dashboard for Implementation Phase Test Suites

2. New dashboard for Regression Test Plans

3. Ability to specify currency symbols in Test Case step parameters and data tables

4. Ability to refine by Action in Full Search results' filters

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6524 - Fix Payroll Comparison IsIdentifier check to be case insensitive

2. ABS-6505 - Fix pointer icon when selecting Select All options on search results page

3. ABS-6504 - Updated "Create Variant" behavior to not append variant label to title

4. ABS-6496 - Updated new folder creation behavior to select and focus on newly created folder

5. ABS-6460 - Updated permission check for reading folder metadata

6. ABS-6458 - Updated test plans list for "Add This Test Case To Test Plan" to show only Open test plans

7. ABS-6429 - Ability to update Import Dates table entries

8. ABS-6414 - Fix data sync issues that may occur during release deployment

9. ABS-6348 - Fix scenario execution status when test run completes without an test report data

10. ABS-6172 - Improved backend performance

11. ABS-6556 - Fix issue where test executions are skipped when deselecting test cases immediately after requesting execution

12. ABS-6554 - Fix bug where Library Importer search is not returning results

13. ABS-6550 - Add indicator for closed test plans in Referenced Test Plans listing

14. ABS-6527 - Fixed Search and Replace where replace Test case details is not replacing time in 24 hour format

15. ABS-6520 - Fixed permission check in Test Plan references tab for adding test case to plan

16. ABS-6518 - Fixed image upload to persona

17. ABS-6515 - Fixed Test Suite settings to allow clearing Prod-sync-date

18. ABS-6510 - Fixed Regression Summary chart data

19. ABS-6495 - Fixed TestPlan References tab listing for Person Import test case records

20. ABS-6492 - Updated field validation for Prod Sync Date in Test Suite Settings

21. ABS-6491 - Updated permission check for Recycle Bin restore option for some roles

22. ABS-6490 - Updated notification message for Replace Persona feature

23. ABS-6489 - Updated manual test permission check for some roles

24. ABS-6488 - Updated modify test suite settings permission check for some roles

25. ABS-6487 - Fixed error when creating persona for some roles

26. ABS-6486 - Display confirmation dialog when a test suite is to be deleted

27. ABS-6484 - Fix display of roles and users input in Test Suite settings page

28. ABS-6453 - Fix tool tip display for Delete Step and Copy Step to Clipboard

29. ABS-6407 - Updated data display for Regression summary page (related ABS-6406, ABS-6404, ABS-6402)

30. ABS-6297 - Add activity log for Replace Persona event

31. ABS-5778 - Fixed counts for Payroll Compare test executions

32. ABS-6279 - Fixed param values to auto-capitalize AM and PM

August 20, 2021

Platform Release - August 20, 2021

New Features:

1. New Summary page dashboard for Regression Test Suites

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6463 - Fix error when saving base variant

2. ABS-6430 - Fix ability to create Person Import and Parallel Test Cases

3. ABS-6412 - Add Regression Test Plans to existing test suites

4. ABS-6495 - Fix Test Plan References list in the Test Case Editor for Person Import test case records

5. ABS-6491 - Updated permission for restoring deleted test cases

6. ABS-6490 - Fixed notification text for Replace Persona function

7. ABS-6489 - Updated permission for manual testing

8. ABS-6488 - Updated permission for Update Test Suite

9. ABS-6487 - Fix error when creating new persona

10. ABS-6496 - Display confirmation when removing Test Suite

11. ABS-6390 - Fix error when loading statistics on some tenants

August 04, 2021

Platform Release - August 4, 2021

New Features:

1. Newly created test suites will include a Regression test plan

2. Collapsed various Testing Purposes into "Implementation Phase" and "Regression Phase" options

3. Removed groupings by Testing Purposes in the tenant landing page

4. Improve level of detail captured in the Test Case activity log

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6393 - Fix counts in Test Plan dashboard for manual tests

2. ABS-6389 - Fix error when generating documentation

3. ABS-6384 - Fix label in pop-up message when saving a Test Case

4. ABS-6280 - Ability to display time in 24-hour format

5. ABS-6246 - Disable copying folder metadata when duplicating a folder

6. ABS-6396 - Add Cancel button to Create/Edit Test Plan page

July 26, 2021

Platform Release - July 26, 2021

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6357 - Ability to update generated test cases from execution results

2. ABS-6344 - Fix status sync between platform and test executor

3. ABS-6342 - Fix saving of test case step params when reordering steps

4. ABS-6321 - Update test case activity log to record more verbose details

5. ABS-6253 - Localization support for actions

6. ABS-6248 - Improve performance when duplicating test case folder

7. ABS-6394 - Fix error in Generate Documentation feature

8. ABS-6390 - Fix error in statistics page for some tenants

9. ABS-6386 - Fix error with multiple personas being created when copying test cases to another test suite

10. ABS-6383 - Fix error when accessing Test Plan dashboard for some tenants

11. ABS-6355 - Allow test case generation to complete with error

12. ABS-6351 - Fix typos

13. ABS-6337 - Fix errors in test case generation

14. ABS-6293 - Fix potential vulnerability in Find and Replace

15. ABS-6251 - Enhancement to duplicate a test case before converting it to a variant

16. ABS-6216 - Fix bug in Find and Replace where replaced values are not reflected in test case details

17. ABS-6003 - Fix bug in evaluate Comparison where it shows the same result even when the columns of interest are changed

18. ABS-4498 - Enhancement to prompt the user to save changes to the test case when switching to the variant editor table

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