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June 09, 2021

Platform Release - June 9, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to search for test cases in the TestAssure Library

2. Ability to choose how Dimensions licenses are released after a test run

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. Rebranding labels from "Kronos" to "UKG"

2. Remove version labels from action library

3. Rename labels from "Scenarios" to "Test Cases"

4. Rename labels from "Templates" to "Variants"

5. Update the Create Persona flow

6. ABS-6132 - Fix folder activity log order to sort by date descending

7. ABS-6121 - Fix missing menubar in Tests Queue page

8. ABS-6045 - Ability to omit persona details from feature file export

9. ABS-6031 - Improve performance when saving test case variants

10. ABS-5673 - Fix mismatch in test case details between the Test Cases page and Test Plans page

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