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May 04, 2021

Platform Release - May 4, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to publish test suites and scenarios from a library tenant

2. Option for exact match in Full Search

3. Update to Person Import action to add "Has Value" field

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-5963 - Fix selection count in Create/Edit test plan page

2. ABS-5954 - Fix error when deleting a large duplicated scenario folder

3. ABS-5953 - Improve speed when deleting a large scenario folder

4. ABS-5741 - Fix responsive layout in Automated Tests screen

5. ABS-5969 - Fix potential vulnerabilities (related ABS-6033, ABS-6072, ABS-6009, ABS-5970, ABS-5962, ABS-5843)

6. ABS-5717 - Fix invalid actions are showing up in the BDD dropdown

7. ABS-5450 - Fix links to referenced scenarios from actions page

8. ABS-5415 - Fix scenario counts in Find and Replace to include scenario variants

9. ABS-5280 - Fix link to scenario variant form Find and Replace

10. ABS-1539 - Show confirmation when deleting a test target

11. ABS-6030 - Fix dashboard graph data for manual and automated tests

12. ABS-6029 - Fix order of data in Test Plan dashboard graph axis

13. ABS-6023 - Enable parallel comparison scenarios in Regression test suites

14. ABS-6022 - Fix screen refreshing when changing manual test states (related ABS-5947)

15. ABS-6019 - Fix sort order of folder tree in Create/Edit Test Plan page

16. ABS-6018 - Allow XLSM as file attachments to actions

17. ABS-6011 - Fix Edit Test plan page selections for manual scenarios

18. ABS-6010 - Fix styling in manual tests page

19. ABS-6008 - Fix error when trying to save a very long title for a test case

20. ABS-6001 - Fix payroll compare match status when the values are within range (related ABS-5894)

21. ABS-6000 - Fix payroll compare graph when variance range is a low value (related ABS-5998)

22. ABS-5949 - Fix issue when UI buttons are clicked multiple times

23. ABS-5897 - Fix escaping of special characters in folder activity log

24. ABS-5888 - Retain selected folder expansion state in folder filter with Full Search

25. ABS-5875 - Fix layout for completed test plans section in test plans page

26. ABS-5873 - Fix saving feature file export

27. ABS-5872 - Fix display of long folder titles

28. ABS-5850 - Fix activity log when editing a scenario variant

29. ABS-5847 - Fix step params getting cleared when editing a scenario

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