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May 19, 2021

Platform Release - May 19, 2021

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6163 - Payroll Comparison items-per-page always resets to 25 on screen refresh after updating filters

2. ABS-6177 - Payroll Comparison table displays incorrectly when expected or actual file is missing data

3. ABS-6175 - Payroll Comparison fails when expected or actual file has more than one blank columns contiguously in the dataset

4. ABS-6067 - Payroll Comparison fails to execute if identifier columns are renamed in a payroll export scenario

5. ABS-6164 - Payroll Comparison last row the status dropdown options is obscured and can't be clicked

6. ABS-6167 - Payroll Comparison PersonID range filter is removing leading zeros

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