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May 25, 2021

Platform Release - May 25, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to import test cases from the TestAssure Library

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6044 - Fix search error in a particular tenant

2. ABS-6034 - Fix viewing Test Cases in a Manual Test plan for a particular tenant

3. ABS-6025 - Fix manual test counts in the dashboard

4. ABS-6024 - Fix display of special characters in a step param

5. ABS-5961 - Enable scenario reviewer permission to export to PDF

6. ABS-5903 - Fix display of variant IDs in the Edit Test Plan page

7. ABS-6188 - Fix "Internal Server Error" when executing Person Import Scenario

8. ABS-6187 - Fix scenarios with gear icon problems always displaying "bad data" (related ABS-6148)

9. ABS-6168 - Fix Payroll Comparison where rows are set to accepted status but not showing

10. ABS-6072 - Fix potential vulnerability (related ABS-6149)

11. ABS-6136 - Fix dialog height for convert to variant function

12. ABS-6134 - Fix special characters displayed in personal label

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