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May 14, 2021

Platform Release - May 14, 2021

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6129 - Added UKG Pro software entry

2. ABS-6159 - Added UKG Ready software entry

September 23, 2020

Platform Release - Sept 22, 2020


1. Ability to add notes to a folder to specify requirements or other pertinent details.

2. Full search capability to find scenarios within a Test Suite by title, test case details, folder & folder notes, and personas.

3. Ability to mass replace personas via full search results.

4. Ability to create a test plan via full search results.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

1. Major backend architecture update to improve performance and stability.

Known Issues:

1. Issue when deleting an entire test suite if it contains manual tests.

2. Issue when updating an action label.

3. Issue when rearranging a step for a template scenario.

4. Issue when exporting to PDF may produce step parameters/data table records out of order.

5. Issue when converting scenario to template if it's included in a test plan.

6. Issue with action sync on some tenants.

7. Issue when deleting a persona.

8. Issue when assigning a tester for manual tests.

9. Issue with full search displaying duplicate results with scenario variants.

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