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June 30, 2021

Platform Release - June 29, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to use Recycling Bin to recover deleted test cases

2. Updated Test Case editor with the ability to view Test Plans that reference the test case

3. Ability to copy and paste a steps from a Test Case

4. Ability to filter above variance threshold in Payroll Comparison evaluation

5. Ability to filter Search results for test cases with "No Persona"

6. Scenario Generation

7. Document Generation

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6211 - Ability to view numeric counts of passed/failed and automated/manual test cases in the Test Plan listing page

2. ABS-6210 - Sanitize input to step parameters and table values of "smart characters" from Excel/Word

3. ABS-6209 - Trim leading and trailing white spaces from step parameters and table values

4. ABS-6226 - Improve row highlight of the Search->Update menu items

5. ABS-6196 - Fix Person Import failing if Effective date has a value

6. ABS-6161 - Fix test case display when action label contains special characters

7. ABS-6179 - Fix test case display not showing block when first step is left empty.

8. ABS-6162 - Fix Clear All filters function in Payroll Compare evaluation

9. ABS-6119 - Fix Timestamps not properly formatted when saved using Find and Replace

10. ABS-6102 - Update statuses to the Manual test tab status filter to match available states

11. ABS-6068 - Fix performance issue navigating away from the Test Case Library page

12. ABS-6241 - Fix search results displaying unpublished Test Cases

13. ABS-6240 - Fix permissions for scenario reviewer role

14. ABS-6237 - Update label for notification message

15. ABS-6236 - Fix Test Plan page not showing the %Automation on initial laod

16. ABS-6220 - Fix general display issues when using Chrome 91+

17. ABS-6216 - Fix Find and Replace where replaced values are not reflected in BDD

18. ABS-6186 - Copy to test suite: Disable submit button if the test suite is not selected

19. ABS-6031 - Improve Parallel comparison graphs when resizing window

June 09, 2021

Platform Release - June 9, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to search for test cases in the TestAssure Library

2. Ability to choose how Dimensions licenses are released after a test run

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. Rebranding labels from "Kronos" to "UKG"

2. Remove version labels from action library

3. Rename labels from "Scenarios" to "Test Cases"

4. Rename labels from "Templates" to "Variants"

5. Update the Create Persona flow

6. ABS-6132 - Fix folder activity log order to sort by date descending

7. ABS-6121 - Fix missing menubar in Tests Queue page

8. ABS-6045 - Ability to omit persona details from feature file export

9. ABS-6031 - Improve performance when saving test case variants

10. ABS-5673 - Fix mismatch in test case details between the Test Cases page and Test Plans page

May 25, 2021

Platform Release - May 25, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to import test cases from the TestAssure Library

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-6044 - Fix search error in a particular tenant

2. ABS-6034 - Fix viewing Test Cases in a Manual Test plan for a particular tenant

3. ABS-6025 - Fix manual test counts in the dashboard

4. ABS-6024 - Fix display of special characters in a step param

5. ABS-5961 - Enable scenario reviewer permission to export to PDF

6. ABS-5903 - Fix display of variant IDs in the Edit Test Plan page

7. ABS-6188 - Fix "Internal Server Error" when executing Person Import Scenario

8. ABS-6187 - Fix scenarios with gear icon problems always displaying "bad data" (related ABS-6148)

9. ABS-6168 - Fix Payroll Comparison where rows are set to accepted status but not showing

10. ABS-6072 - Fix potential vulnerability (related ABS-6149)

11. ABS-6136 - Fix dialog height for convert to variant function

12. ABS-6134 - Fix special characters displayed in personal label

May 04, 2021

Platform Release - May 4, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to publish test suites and scenarios from a library tenant

2. Option for exact match in Full Search

3. Update to Person Import action to add "Has Value" field

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-5963 - Fix selection count in Create/Edit test plan page

2. ABS-5954 - Fix error when deleting a large duplicated scenario folder

3. ABS-5953 - Improve speed when deleting a large scenario folder

4. ABS-5741 - Fix responsive layout in Automated Tests screen

5. ABS-5969 - Fix potential vulnerabilities (related ABS-6033, ABS-6072, ABS-6009, ABS-5970, ABS-5962, ABS-5843)

6. ABS-5717 - Fix invalid actions are showing up in the BDD dropdown

7. ABS-5450 - Fix links to referenced scenarios from actions page

8. ABS-5415 - Fix scenario counts in Find and Replace to include scenario variants

9. ABS-5280 - Fix link to scenario variant form Find and Replace

10. ABS-1539 - Show confirmation when deleting a test target

11. ABS-6030 - Fix dashboard graph data for manual and automated tests

12. ABS-6029 - Fix order of data in Test Plan dashboard graph axis

13. ABS-6023 - Enable parallel comparison scenarios in Regression test suites

14. ABS-6022 - Fix screen refreshing when changing manual test states (related ABS-5947)

15. ABS-6019 - Fix sort order of folder tree in Create/Edit Test Plan page

16. ABS-6018 - Allow XLSM as file attachments to actions

17. ABS-6011 - Fix Edit Test plan page selections for manual scenarios

18. ABS-6010 - Fix styling in manual tests page

19. ABS-6008 - Fix error when trying to save a very long title for a test case

20. ABS-6001 - Fix payroll compare match status when the values are within range (related ABS-5894)

21. ABS-6000 - Fix payroll compare graph when variance range is a low value (related ABS-5998)

22. ABS-5949 - Fix issue when UI buttons are clicked multiple times

23. ABS-5897 - Fix escaping of special characters in folder activity log

24. ABS-5888 - Retain selected folder expansion state in folder filter with Full Search

25. ABS-5875 - Fix layout for completed test plans section in test plans page

26. ABS-5873 - Fix saving feature file export

27. ABS-5872 - Fix display of long folder titles

28. ABS-5850 - Fix activity log when editing a scenario variant

29. ABS-5847 - Fix step params getting cleared when editing a scenario

April 13, 2021

Platform Release - April 13, 2021

New Features:

1. Simplified Manual Test experience and updated Test Plan Dashboard

2. New Parallel Test experience for payroll exports

3. Display timestamps in local time zone in Test Plan pages

4. Reporting statistics per Test Plan

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-5879 - Fix escaping of characters in folder activity log

2. ABS-5872 - Fix folder title getting truncated when title is too long

3. ABS-5735 - Sort roles in user management page

4. ABS-5719 - Enable Person Import and Parallel scenarios in Regression Test Suites

5. ABS-4837 - Sort activity log in descending order

6. ABS-6019 - Sort items in Create/Edit Test Plan treetable

7. ABS-6018 - Allow attaching XLSM files to scenarios

8. ABS-6009 - Fix potential vulnerability (related ABS-5970, ABS-5962, ABS-5843)

9. ABS-5957 - Fix permission assignment to roles

10. ABS-5949 - Fix multiple submits when clicking buttons multiple times

11. ABS-5888 - Expand selected folder filters in Search when reloading the page

12. ABS-3918 - Added indicator during scenario copy

March 18, 2021

Platform Release - March 17, 2021

New Features:

1. Ability to filter by folder in Full Search

2. Ability to select all across multiple pages in Full Search

3. Ability to see review status and number of items in Scenario folder tree

4. Ability to set status and comments per row in a Parallel Test

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1. ABS-5807 - Updated UI in Create/Edit Test Plan page

2. ABS-5756 - Removed persona view filter from Scenario tab

3. ABS-5827 - Fix potential vulnerability in the system (related ABS-5826)

4. ABS-5766 - Fixed permission checks for various roles against functionality (related ABS-5733, ABS-5734)

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