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July 13, 2020

TikTok Hashtag Tracking [BETA]

New feature has just been added! 🥳

Hashtag tracking feature allows you to track and analyze the performance of any TikTok hashtag #️⃣

You can check the performance of your unique hashtags, any of the TikTok's trending # and even hashtags used by your competitors . 

Count the number of views and uploads, identify which hashtags are loosing popularity and how much visibility over time they received. 

Monitor which are performing well and so you can to use them to optimise your content for more reach 💪🏻

Watch this quick overview:

Follow these easy steps to start tracking your hashtags:

1. Paste TikTok hashtag URL into search field (top bar), ie. https://tiktok.com/tag/backyardvibes

2. On the hashtag page, click START TRACKING button.

3. Done! From now, your chosen hashtag will be tracked daily. You can access the list of your tracked hashtags visiting Hashtag Tracking section on the side menu (https://viralstat.com/Hashtag/Index/ShowTracking)

Please note, that Hashtag Tracking feature is still in BETA, more metrics/insights will be added shortly. Tracking slots are limited accordingly to your current subscription.

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February 26, 2020

TikTok new metrics

Can we get enough of TikTok? No!

New metrics on TikTok Profile Page have just been added 🥳

We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions 😄

Have a great time browsing!

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