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August 14, 2019

🇮🇳 Independence Day Sale 🎉 🎁

Use coupon code "IND50" for 50% Off on any Yearly Plans 🤑

PS. We are releasing mobile apps for WhatsHash which will help to manage WhatsApp Business in a more organized way and very helpful for users who are using the store on WhatsHash. 🤘

July 30, 2019

✨ What's New?

  • Auto Sync Conversation: Automatically save all the conversation you're doing on WhatsApp with anyone when it set to On from Dashboard > Settings.
  • Store > Product Configuration: You can hide the unit, qty field from your store for some exclusive products/items which does not require those fields. Also, in product detail, you can add read more link for more details of your product.
  • Vote/Order Notification: Now when user will place an order or send their vote, an automatic receipt will be generated with all details.
  • Erase/Delete Account: You can erase your all data from your account or even can delete your account which will erase + delete your account. [We don't want you to leave though 😅]

🛠️ Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • New currencies, units added.
  • Revamped contact adding and smart message interface
  • Add to Cart button in product popup is fixed.
  • Product description will display details line break for better visualization.
  • Refresh in media tab improved.
  • Export excel will have Tags as well along with other data.
  • Customer will not able to place an order when the store is set to Inactive. Admin still can take an order though.
  • Group chat image sync issue fixed.
  • Smart Message tab will display all the orders and votes properly which were captured.

🎁 Promo code "FIFTY50" to get 50% Off for the first transaction on any monthly plans.

July 09, 2019

✨ What's New?

  • Settings Tab: You can customize WhatsHash according to your need.
    • Country Code: While adding a new contact, this will be used by default.
    • Auto Sync: Coming Soon. Automatically sync your conversations.
  • Order Filters: Filters orders based on status, payment, order id and more.

🛠️ Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • New currencies added.
  • Revamped contact adding interface
  • Now you can create a new poll by deleting old one in FREE Plan.
June 30, 2019

Fixed: Group details not loading.

For some users, the group details were not loading in WhatsHash pane. The bug has been fixed now.

June 22, 2019

⚡New Features!

💬Introducing Smart Messages!

  • Now you don't need to click on each chat to count votes for the poll and to get order details. We'll automatically detect those messages and save them.
  • You can get all the smart messages from "Smart Message" tab from WhatsHash pane.
  • To automatically read messages, make sure you keep WhatsHash application open. While you're away and the app is closed, the votes will not be counted. When you open the WhatsHash next time, we'll go through all unread messages and find "Smart Message" from it and save those.
  • Smart messages look like this:
    • :::POLL:::VOTE:::<unique_id>:::
    • :::STORE:::ORDER:::<unique_id>:::

🗃️Archive Feature

  • Now you can archive Tags, Products, Product Categories, Quick Replies, Funnel.
  • Archived items hide from the regular listing and throughout the application. But the reporting contains those data. 
  • To see archived items, open the filter and check "Show Archived"

🛠️ Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Media Tags assignment fixed.
  • Store UI updated to quickly go to Cart.
  • "Poll" and "Store Orders" have now a separate page instead of Modal.
  • Sidebar menu updated for Store Links.
We are ⚡by Beamer
We are ⚡by Beamer