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March 04, 2020

✨ Quick Fixes

  • New Currencies added
  • Quick Reply feature fixed in WhatsApp Web version 0.4.1296
  • Store orders and Poll votes detection improved, just keep your WhatsApp open in WhatsHash, it will do all the magic ðŸ˜‰
  • Bulk contact upload issue fixed
  • Assigning of funnel to the contacts under people tab issue fixed
  • Performance Improvement
  • WhatsHash Mobile Apps are released with performance improvements and fixes

🛎 Share your suggestions on our email [yo@whatshash.com] for some useful features on WhatsHash. It will help us in choosing the features for our new version of WhatsHash.

January 07, 2020

✨ What's New?

  • New Currencies added
  • MyBiz page without WhatsHash branding for Pro users
  • 🎉 Whitelabel store feature with an option of the host the store to a custom domain 
  • Category wise listing for better product management and their sorting
  • Fixed the message save feature
  • Performance Improvement

🛎 You might be thinking, we have been sleepy 😴 from a couple of weeks but actually we are building something ✨ stay connected, more surprises yet to come! 🎁

September 06, 2019

✨ What's New?

Delivery Address option:

In store settings, there is a new option to keep the Delivery Address option enable/disable. If it is enabled, the customer will be prompted in cart screen to enter the address while placing an order. Also, the delivery address will be available in the exported order sheet and order receipt as well.

September 05, 2019

✨ What's New?

Address in Order details: Every store feature user requires an address field for order delivery. Address can be saved in the location field in the right sidebar. Now you can see the "Address" in the order details page for easy use. Orders tab and Copy Receipt option: Now you can check the orders of any customer directly into Orders tab in the right sidebar. Also, you can copy the payment receipt anytime to send that to the customer from listed orders.

Seamless Chat Experience: You can now show/hide the right sidebar on a click of a button.

🛠️ Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixes in Auto Sync Chat Feature

Removed the restart and reset app option

Archived product will no longer be counted in the free plan

New currencies and units added for store

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August 14, 2019

🇮🇳 Independence Day Sale 🎉 🎁

Use coupon code "IND50" for 50% Off on any Yearly Plans 🤑

PS. We are releasing mobile apps for WhatsHash which will help to manage WhatsApp Business in a more organized way and very helpful for users who are using the store on WhatsHash. 🤘

We are ⚡by Beamer
We are ⚡by Beamer