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September 18, 2018

Changes in History are allowed!


What's new:

  • You can make changes for the previous day(-s) in History.It is useful for people who work with tasks after midnight, or just for everyone who wants to assign/reassign tasks retrospectively.

What we're working on:

  • Brush. It will allow you to choose a custom time range on the chart, and simplify assign and reassign operations for tasks.
  • Productivity Reports for activities. You'll be able to compose the summarized report for your website and app usage for the week/month/etc. Productivity score included! 
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August 29, 2018

A couple of good improvements


What's new:

  • Productivity time is now displayed based on activities. That means that you get the correct stats for your work even if you don't track tasks.
  • Option to disable shortcuts. Some people just don't have a space for new shortcuts left, which leads to toggling Focus Mode on and off, starting/stopping a task when not intended... ugh. You have the option to disable the shortcuts at all now.

What we're working on:

After the successful launch on ProductHunt we take the chance to gather as much feedback on how Y-Productive impacts your work as we can. We do that to make the road map that will meet the expectations of our users and add new features that will help you even more.

If you want to share your story and ideas - write us and we'll schedule the short interview!

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July 30, 2018

Unproductive apps notification, removed "Paused" title on macOS tray icon


What's new:

  • Added new notification. If your Focus Mode is on, and you switch to the app from your Unproductive list, you'll be reminded to keep your focus on work:

You can always turn this feature on/off in the Settings menu:

  • On macOS, we removed the confusing "Paused" status on the YP tray icon. Your activities are tracked automatically when the app is open in the background, even if you don't track any tasks, so this status was not true.

By the way, did you know that you may add tasks retrospectively? Just select any time range on the chart and press "assign to a task".

We're working on:

  • Local data storage

We're going to add the option to store your data on your computer and not on the servers. It will allow Y-Productive for a complete offline work and will be a nice addition for everyone who wants to keep their data closer to the body.

In future, it will become the "on/off" option to let you choose between the synchronization on different machines and the bulletproof local data security.

  • More functional chart, the option to assign offline/untracked time to tasks and Projects retrospectively

One of the most demanded features recently.

We expect it to ease life for everyone who wants to keep track of the work that includes being off the computer or wants to create the most accurate Reports for themselves or for the clients.

In addition, we'll add "brush" to the chart, so you'll be able to select any time range you need.

More features that we have on our roadmap:

Categorization Profiles, more insightful Productivity Reports (summarized stats for websites/apps for week/month), Goals, Pomodoro timer.

You may vote or suggest any features or app improvements to our roadmap here:


We consider the feedback in a first place every time we decide on what to build next to make the Y-Productive an even better app for your work.

P.S. We've also moved to Beamer, so you can react to our new updates with smileys or write us the comment right here! We're eager to hear what you think about the update and our plans!

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