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October 23, 2018

AFK mode improvements, preset categorization for new users and various fixes


What's new:

  • Preset Categorization. All the newly created profiles will get the preset categorization (~500 apps and websites) to ease getting started with Y-Productive. This change won't affect the categorization of the existing users.

Hint:  As the activities with the most used time go up in the Categorization list automatically, the idea here is that apps and websites you actually use will take the top places, and all the non-relevant activities will go down, so it will simplify getting Y-Productive personalized and setup for work.

  • Focus Mode toggle button in the tray (for Mac users, Windows users already have it). You may now set Focus mode on/off from the tray menu.


  • AFK mode better states detection. AFK mode will now detect your power state changes(lock/sleep/hibernate/shutdown/restart/signout) which must result in a better usage experience.
  • Window size/position saver. The app window will remember the size and the position you last opened the app with.


  • Fixed brush group slot select;
  • Fixed potential infinite or delayed app closing;
  • Prevented the install-extension-popup from showing for those who log in with FB profile;
  • Chart auto-scrolling is more smooth now.

What we're working on:

  • The synchronization between different computers. It is nearly finished and we test it within the team now. The approximate release is in 2-4 weeks.
  • Summary Reports for activities. We'll release it in a couple of weeks after the sync feature.
  • Categorization Profiles. The long-awaited feature, will be released after the reports for activities.

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