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January 03, 2020

Zillow to Charge in Chicago Starting Feb. 1st 2020

Update 02/13/2020: You no longer need to setup your own feed. Just tag the listing you want syndicated with the "ZillowFeed" tag and it will automatically get send to Zillow the next day.

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Starting Feb. 1st, Zillow will start charging for postings in Illinois among other states. As pricing depends on location of the listing, please contact Zillow direct for exact details.

The Zillow email is attached at the end for your information. In the meanwhile, please read how this will impact your YGL account.

Custom Zillow Feed

If you want to continue to syndicate your listings to Zillow, you will want to generate your custom feed URL within your account, and contact Zillow to setup a paid feed.

Since you are paying per listing, it is important that you can select which listings to feed to Zillow. The Custom Zillow Feed feature in YGL has been updated to allow you to include only listings with a specific tag.

Manual Zillow Postings

If you are posting to Zillow manually with or without the Penny Posting extension, you will need to setup a paid Zillow Rental Manager account. Everything on the YGL side will work as is, except of course Zillow will now charge you for what you post.

Listings Syndication

If you are currently depending on YGL to syndicate your listings to Zillow, unfortunately, this will no longer work if you are in the affected states. To continue to get your listings on Zillow, you must either setup a Custom Zillow Feed or post manually as stated above. Either way, you are required to pay Zillow separately.

MA Clients Are Not Affected (Yet)

If you are outside of the affected states, you won't be affected (yet). However, as we have seen, Zillow has started to charge by batches of states since last year. Florida among other states were the first batch. Illinois and others are now the second batch. We suspect that MA and everyone else will soon follow. It will be a good idea to start preparing.

Zillow Email


Thank you for being an important listing partner on the Zillow Rentals network (Zillow, Trulia and HotPads).

An upcoming change is coming soon that affects users who publish rental listings in the states of Delaware, New Hampshire, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee via rental feeds. To continue building a great marketplace, beginning January 31, 2020, we will no longer publish rental feed listings without direct agreements with property managers and listing advertisers.

We will continue to take in your feed as usual, but listings will only be published to Zillow, Trulia and HotPads after property managers establish a new partnership with Zillow Rentals after the date noted above.

To continue syndication via the feed and learn more about pricing, property managers can contact rentalfeedinquiries@zillowgroup.com


. They can also learn more by reading our FAQ



To manually post listings, property managers may set up a paid Zillow Rental Manager account



A Zillow representative may directly contact specific property managers and advertisers using your feed to inform them of the changes and the added benefits of continuing syndication. Here is additional information


you can share with your customers to notify them of this change.

Thank you for your participation, and we’re excited to continue supporting your business and your customers on the largest rental network.*


The Zillow Rentals team

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