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September 25, 2020

User Friendly Personal Site URL

Based your feedback, we have added the ability to customize your Personal Site URL to make it more readable and user friendly.

You can customize your Personal Site URL under User Profile:

Please note that once the URL is changed, your old Personal Site URL will no longer work, so if you have sent people listings recently, those links will no longer work.

May 13, 2020

Lead Inquires for Off Market Listings

We are seeing a good amount of property inquiries for off market listings. Once your listings are syndicated to our 3rd party syndication partners, YGL does not have direct control over when and how listings are displayed, and if listings are taken off market. If our syndication partners don't deactivate listings in time, you can get off market listing inquiries.

Dealing with off market inquiries can be annoying, yet it could also be an opportunity. We think the best way is to let you decide how you want to handle them. By default the option to discard these leads is turned off, which means you will receive the lead even when they inquire on an off market listing. If you choose to no longer receive these leads, just turn on the discard option.

This setting is account wide and can only be set by the admin or manager of the account in the Listing Syndication section on the Account Settings page.

If a leads has inquired on an off market listing, a special notification will appear under the Inquired Rentals section on the lead's details page.

Please send any feedback to feedback@yougotlistings.com. We look forward to hear from you.


The YouGotListings Team

February 27, 2020

New Widget, Search Listings by Landlord Tag, Email Display Name

Widget Revamp

We have updated the design for the office widget used to embed on a website for listings search and lead generation. We have also added the ability for each agent to use their own widget where leads generated will go to the agent only.

Access the widget by visiting the below URL, or by selecting from the drop down menu when you click on your Profile Pic icon on the upper right.


The old widget will no longer be supported. So please replace as soon as possible.

Search Listings by Landlord Tag

When searching for listings, you can now use the Advanced Search Options and select tags created for landlords. The system will return listings that belong to landlords that has those tags.

Email Display Name

Emails sent to leads use to display "YGL Mailer" as the from person. It is now updated to reflect your name.

Any feedback or questions, please email feedback@yougotlistings.com.

January 22, 2020

New Feature - Posting Multiple Listings with One Craigslist Ad (BETA)

Getting ahead on Criagslist used to be posting lots of ads. Now that Craigslist is charging per ad in a number of locations, those of you impacted can no longer post as many. It became more important now to get more value out of each ad you post. To do that, Penny Posting is testing a new feature that allows you to post one listing as the primary ad, but append an additional "Recommended Listings" section in the ad's description. This way, when a renter views your ad, he/she is presented with multiple other offerings, which can be viewed with an URL.

To try it, open a Rental Group and select "Post to Craigslist". The first listing will be the primary, while remaining listings will be display in the "Recommended Listings" section.

If you do not see the "Post to Craigslist" option, please make sure you are updated to the latest PennyPosting version. Latest version number at 3.1.0.

The new feature is currently under testing (BETA); please send us your feedback at feedback@yougotlistings.com. Thank you.

December 26, 2019

Rental Details Re-designed & Re-aligned


To improve legibility, we have changed the alignment of the fields for all detail pages from horizontal to vertical. With the original horizontal alignment, since the titles have various lengths; it was very crowded, making things hard to read. The new vertical alignment makes the fields much easier to read.

Rental Details Redesign

The Rental Details page is completely redesigned. Photos are moved to the right column, unit and building notes, features, tags are now grouped together. Privacy on the right column has been renamed to Marketing, and the Public URL has now been moved there. See screenshots below.

Rental Details (Desktop Version):

Rental Details (Mobile Version):

November 20, 2019

Changes to Fee, Pet, Parking & Laundry Fields

We have made modifications to Fee Paid, Pet, Parking and Laundry fields. As we source more and more data from outside sources and gain insights into different data structures, we found that some of our selections weren't precise.

For example, under the old Pet selection for the "Dog Ok" option, the wording itself does not indicate if cat is accepted. The common wisdom is that cats are usually accepted when dogs are, so users often treat dog OK apartments as pet friendly. But the problem is that when renters search for cat OK apartments, dog OK ones do not show up.

Fee Paid By Landlord

This is now renamed to Fee Paid By Owner. The old "Unknown" selection has been removed and replace with just a blank selection to be consistent with other fields. To be more precise in representing the exact fee paid, the values are renamed to reflect the exact amount that is relational to the month's rent. An new "Fee Additional Info" field is added to show incentives and other related info.

This change only impacts what is viewed internally. It does not effect any of the ads, syndication feeds or API.

Pet Policy

The selection Pet Policy field is now THREE fields: Cats OK, Dogs Ok, Additional Info.


A new selection "Available" is added to the Parking Availability selections; often times we know parking is available but we don't know if it's for rent or included. "Street" is moved from the Parking Availability field to Parking Type.


The "Unknown" selection is removed and replace with a blank selection option to be consistent.

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